Agile Procurement – Agile Contract Design

 Understand, Support and Use, Agile Methods in Purchasing

In-house Workshops: available on request.


"Agile and hybrid methods mean a fundamental and sustainable change for all companies. Purchasing and procurement must be able to accompany the topic on an equal footing and offer concepts. The 'agile fixed price' is only one building block.”


Companies are no longer able to pass agile methods in the most diverse fields of tasks. The advantages of agile methods like Scrum, IT-Kanban and design thinking are obvious and meanwhile undisputed. But how do purchasing and procurement work in this new constellation? There are many new questions for purchasing and procurement and they are facing new challenges:

  • How does the new role of purchasing in an agile context look like?
  • What does purchasing need to know about agile methods like Scrum, Kanban and Design Thinking?
  • The importance of 'industry 4.0' for purchasing
  • Is purchasing with a fixed price and work contracts still possible; does it still make sense?
  • How can quality and performance be regulated and reviewed in the agile context?
  • Where do agile and where do classic approaches make sense?
  • Which form of contract should I use in which cases?
  • What is the "agile fixed price"?
  • How do interactions and understanding of the roles change over the lifecycle of products and supplier services?
  • How can purchasing benefit from agile methods in its own processes?

The Intensive Training Workshop "Agile Procurement – Agile Contract Design" addresses those questions and provides the necessary knowledge of agile methods, tailored to the interests and needs of purchasing and procurement. For this a very compact and concentrated approach is chosen which allows representatives of purchasing and procurement to gain an understanding in just one day. So further steps can be sorted out and arranged.



Oliver Schell, Vice President Logistics Messe Frankfurt GmbH, about Ayelt Komus in the field of agile procurement:

Experienced competence in 'agile methods' for procurement. Provides a practical, well-founded and implementation-oriented way of coping with the challenges of procurement”



09:15 Opening and introduction of the participants

09:30 Basics of Agile Methods
  • Why the future is hybrid
  • The Scrum framework - roles, meetings, artifacts
  • Classification and basic idea: Kanban and Design Thinking
  • Hybrid approaches
  • Planning, specification, estimation
13:15 Challenges for procurement
  • Quality, acceptance tests, profitability, risk
  • Philosophy of partnership in different procurement constellations: about one-time partnerships and strategic partnerships
  • Basic contract approaches and their suitability: agile versus classic procurement contracts
  • Risk sharing, gain sharing, contract types, contract elements, regulations: agile fixed prices and other variants
  • Resulting changes from the process perspective and internal adjustments
  • Benefift from Kanban and agile method elements in the purchasing processes
Final discussion and retrospective


Organizational information

The event is aimed at:

Employees and executives from the fields of purchasing and procurement. Project managers and product managers who want to design procurement decisions and processes in collaboration with purchasing.


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In-house Workshops: available on request. (available in german and english language)



The event will be conducted by Prof. Dr. Ayelt Komus, the multi-certified Scrum Master, the director of "Status Quo Agile", the largest agile studies (2012, 2014, 2016) on agile methods, the study "agiles PMO" and cocreater of the agile performance tool "myAgile".



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